Simple And Perfect Ways Of Fixing Baseboards

Currently, you can fit a skirting board on the wall with no problem as compared to the past days when fixing the board was abit problematic. The current design of houses and advanced tools has made the work easy.

Fixing in houses with older design

You need to drill holes on the wall of the house at the bottom by using the drilling machine. These holes should be of the right size to hold the screws to be used to fix the boards on the wall. Then you can insert the screws on the holes made on the MDF skirtingboards and screw them to the holes made on the wall until the boards are firm.

Fixing skirting boards in modern houses

As far as the new models of houses are concerned, the fixing can be easier because the house is constructed in a way that it allows the MDF skirtingboards to be fixed in future.

v Use a tape measure to get the correct length of the board you want to use. This length should be the same as that of the side of wall you want to cover. Then mark the side you want to face the room and which to face the wall.

v With a square-edged board, use either a glue or screw to stick the board to the wall. Screws are preferable for plastered walls. Make sure that the boards makes a neat joint on the outside corner.

v It there are gaps left once finished, you should fill them by use of decorator’s seal then after it has dried you can paint.


Before laying the foundation of your house, you should tell your constructor to make it possible to allow any need of having the baseboards being fixed at a future date so that it could be possible and easy when the time comes to add skirting boards in your house.